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    digital album releases March 27, 2020
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    Pre-order of Half Empty. You get 4 tracks now (streaming via the free Bandcamp app and also available as a high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more), plus the complete album the moment it’s released.
    releases March 27, 2020

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Random Quotes from F
Writing About Music
Dystopian Sci-Fi
Six Feet Over
Accidents & Time
The Buildings, Then the Trees


releases March 27, 2020

All songs written, produced & recorded by Sjur Lyseid.

Additional recording by Nils Martin Larsen & Kenneth Ishak
Mixed by Sjur Lyseid, except No Reception, mixed by Øyvind Røsrud Gundersen. Mastered by Espen Høydalsvik.

Performed by Sjur Lyseid, Nils Martin Larsen, Morten Myklebust,
Morten Kvam, Jørgen Nordby, Eivind Almhjell, Eirik Kirkemyr
Elizabeth Morris Innset, Tonje Tafjord, Rudi Simmons & Eivind Bøe.


all rights reserved



Furuberget Oslo, Norway

We’re a small Norwegian indie label. We release music we love from artists and bands we love. We’re DIY, punk, indie noise and hardcore, but also pop, synths and slack chorus guitars.

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Track Name: Begin Again
A few tiny movements, and it begins.
The needle drops, the record spins.
Lately I've been giving in
to these primitive machines.

Back when I barely knew who you were,
we were both precious and obscure.
Sat together in a park.
You tossed a coin out into the old pond and snarked
at the young man and his courage,
and the ghosts in every hotel room.
They keep claiming they could begin again.

Then you got up just to change the sides.
There, on the fourth chord came a lie.
Once I could tell them apart;
a twist of fate or a change of heart.
Blood on the tracks, it skips a beat.
As he sings a solemn eulogy
for the old man in the courtroom
and the stray dogs in the parking lot.
They're all thinking they would begin again.

We'll begin again.

With lies still stuck between our teeth
we'll taste the bitter irony
of the stranger in a subway station
unsure of her destination.
Only knows she will begin again.
Track Name: Foreverest
A dry stone, no sound of water
I’m coming home through the wasteland
And I am searching for that memory
Among the trams and the dusty trees

There it is: My first memory
When you were young, as young as I am now
Were you humming on some melody
That you then planted deep in me?

Pigeons circling the mall
Forever rest the months you never called
Soon this fog will turn to night
But i’ll try to trust the stubborn daylight

With all their loss enunciated
They’re holding on to whatever they can
While I’m holding on to your memory
It’s somehow planted deep in me

All those words I could use
Forever rest the life you didn’t choose
And when all these towers fall
Forever rest your work in the drywall

Now I walk out into the night
Forever with your name next to mine
Oh, what do I do now,
what will I do now?

Snowy crests, the trees are tall
Forever rest the paths your feet walked
And when all these towers fall
Forever rest your work in the drywall
Forever rest the shaking in your legs
Forever rest your bones in the muskeg
Forever rest the stubborn daylight
Forever rest the fog in the dark night
Forever rest the words I could have used
Forever rest the life you didn’t choose
Forever rest the hoarfrost on the trees
Forever rest your memory in me
Track Name: No Reception
All of a sudden it was overcast. Descending from the final mountain pass,
I am only about a third into this year’s novel. And I only read when I travel.
We arrived, it's summer/somewhere in Norway. There's the fjord, there's the freeway.
You lit another one, the world is your ashtray. And so did I.

I rode in here in the backseat of some car,
with the windows down, and the music loud, but we don’t really make a sound.
‘Cause I'm still trying to pretend I'm tender. You claimed your hazy days have now ended.
I said “it's all love”, and you rolled your eyes. So here's to new and better lies.

Guess I approached you under false pretenses.
An amalgamation of several people answered:
“Something tells me you have dropped your defenses, well so have I”.

I pictured you riding shotgun in that car.
It’s a sight to see, but the thing you need is far from where we are.
‘Cause I don’t want to pretend I’m tender, or chained to the last few things I remember.
Here all is love, but those words weren’t mine. So here’s to hope and better lies.

Danced to “I Love You, Fuck the Government”. Or was it the other way around?
We spent another half an hour trying to answer that question.
‘Cause out here there's no reception.
Got up, tripped over a tent. I smelled like single malt mosquito repellent.
Someone told me you had lost your senses. Well, so had I.

You ended up in the backseat of some car.
It’s a sight to see, but it’s not with me. I’m only a passing star.
The fog was low, now it glows like ember. And there in the slow sunrise I remembered
how love is all, and I still do. So my lies are old, but my hope is new.
Track Name: Drinking Song
“We're a wave and this is a crescent”.
That's how you describe the present.
Of course I want to feel fluorescent.
Live only for tonight.

His obsession with being alone,
only he knows where it came from.
Though I just wanted to go home,
you pinned me down, I let them loose.

But we're more than the drinks we choose.
We are bordering on too obsessive, oh,
looking for truth in the smallest decimals.
Like the pesky weather. Or that things will get better.
You've read all my letters.
And you always check them twice.
Well, so do I.

Between the pompous and the boring I dwell.
While you keep exploring the center of the universe.
I'll catch the last bus to the suburbs.

Are we more than the lives we choose?
Are we something bigger and better?
I think I'll spring for the latter.
Your choose the former, and you'll get what you ordered.
5% less water for the kid in the corner.
There, I said it. Seconds to minutes, and I'll wait it out.
I’ll wait.

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